COSTA RICA, DECEMBER 2nd    to  7th 

This program is unlike any other offered.  It is both a scientific and spiritual journey into who we are and what we need to thrive.

Participants will discover:

The  nutritional foundation, physical activity, spiritual and energetic practices, contact with nature that supports optimal health and youth. 

  • How to use food and supplements for defeating inflammation  and  rejuvenate  at a cellular level
  • Gut-Brain relationship. Learn how to use  food for happiness and train your brain for health
  • Mitochondria efficiency  as the #1  key to rejuvenation
  • The rol of light in our metabolism, guts and microbiome

  • Epi genetics: The new medicine to be young and happy in the long term. 
  • Learn about the newest testing technologies to discover how to stop your personal aging process.
  • Apply the principles of chineese medicine trough chi kung  to heal yourself energetically and physically 
And much more...
La Montaña Azul, Costa Rica

Held in the amazing ecosystem of the Costa Rican mountains, near the country’s highest mountain and a pristine river, this is an experience that will provide new insight into how we can reprogram our body and mind for permanent youth!